Nicholas Michael First Meeting

Life is a funny thing.

It’s funny how it keeps on moving. Day after day, year after year. It’s funny how if you don’t move with it you will either get ran over and left behind, or you will never catch up from falling on all the things you should be seeing on your path.

But let me tell you this, the world wants you to move with it. It wants you to be one and enjoy its mechanics and how you’re involved in it for some sort of crazy reason.

There is no past and there is no future, there is only now. This is something that I am learning from Alex and The Course, as he’s teaching me to wait and slow down to see the signs that life gives me. I had to recognize that I was blessed and in order to see my all that I had in my life, I had to be present in the moment.

I remember that I saw an Instagram post from him and the ever so wise advice that he’s known to offer. It’s what prompted me to contact him again to see if he may be able to mentor me possibly. I was in a bit of a rut with my life and I felt I needed the perspective of someone else who had had made it from insurmountable odds. He was someone who seemed to be genuine in his approach from what I remember after my first time speaking with him months ago. Our first conversation had left a lot of questions about how life is full of opportunities, but you just have to pay attention and grab them when they’re there.

I think that’s what makes life grand and there’s a vast majority who tend to look at it with a skewed perception and so those opportunities pass them by each and every day. Like I said before, you have to be present in order to see the opportunities and then move on them, or else you’re just going to think that life is a continuous cycle of getting “dumped on”, when it is anything but.

Alex had stated that he was offering courses on how to improve people’s lives through the exercise of love. That’s it, just love and the great thing about love is that it happens with or without you, but it’s much more effective with you, of course.

This was one of the things that he had stated, is that with The Course, it’s able to make the changes without him having to do a thing. Pretty powerful stuff this love, right? I thought so too. I had thought this because I had felt a lack of love in my own life and I was in need of some because of how my current situation was.

Let me backtrack and say that things had started to get better for me in a sense. I mean, I had started to see the signs that it was getting better, as I was surrounding myself with people who showed actual love towards me and was making my environment better. So I was in need of some fine-tuning in order to keep my mind and spirit strong and who else but someone who was from a third-world and and made quite a life for himself.

Insurmountable odds that he had to overcome in order to get to where he was at, I knew that his story was no easy task. It makes me feel that my troubles are menial compared to what his were and if he could make it, then I could too. I thought really quickly that I had better start paying attention to him and what he has to offer. I may have been called dumb in my life more times than I would like take credit for, but I am far from stupid and this was an opportunity that I could see and that I could not pass up.

He has stated over and over that he is only here on this earth for service to others and that it’s the path of love that enables you to be of service to others. They both compliment your experience and will allow you to do things that you never thought you could do. It’s a way for you to be free in a world where most feel tied down with their day to day activities. He’s said to be a few times and I’m sure there are going to be quite a bit more mentions of it throughout my time with him; and that’s “you’re never going to change the world”. It’s not a statement to cause you to give up with doing your best, no, it’s actually more incentive for you to be the best you that you can be. For this will allow you to focus on yourself and your service to others and be able to walk that path of love and for your life to be truly fulfilled.

This whole time I was asking myself and some of my friends “why me?”. Why was this person who is in a class well above mine would want to help me and on top of that help me for free? So, I did what anyone like myself would do, I asked him. He had told me that God had told him to do it and you can’t argue with that, or at least I can’t.

The night before I had to meet him I had a lot of questions and personal assumptions about the entire thing. I conducted my daily routine and finished with work for the night and made my way to a friend’s house to stay for the night that happened to live right down the street. My friend and I had some laughs, ate some food and made our way to rest for the night. The last thing I remember was that no matter what happened tomorrow that it was going to be a new day for me and that I was about to reset my life tomorrow and begin anew with things because I couldn’t keep going living the way I had been and a change was coming.

Waking up the next morning seemed different already, the sun a little brighter, even though it was also a bit colder, but no mind was also a lot clearer and my heart a little lighter. I was excited but at the same time not anxious, which is odd if you know me, because I am anxious all the time. I knew that today was going to be different and a good kind of different, the kind I had been anticipating the whole time, because it was time for something to be different and magnificent.

As I got to his location, I had given him a call to let him know that I had arrived and was ready to start. It was a very nice location and had me already thinking of what living a full live could afford you. But it’s not about the money, definitely not that; it’s about being able to afford a life that’s comfortable and worth living. He had called me back and said he would meet me shortly and to hold tight.

When he had arrived, I had noticed that he wasn’t a big man, he was about normal height and weight. He dressed well in the casual sense, as he was wearing a polo shirt and some slacks. Nothing crazy or flashy, which lead me to feel a bit more relaxed thankfully, but overall it seemed very welcoming. He would later reveal to me his age and let me say that he didn’t look a day over forty, which had some similarities as myself because I’ve been told time and time again that I don’t look my age, to where the only thing I can chalk it up to is being of youthful spirit.

We had taken a quick stroll around the area that he likes to refer to as his office and he was explaining the amenities of the location and how he enjoyed and was appreciative to have it. He was showing the utmost gratitude for everything in his life and we had discussed the importance of gratitude and humility in life. A lot of things that I had value in, he did as well, this lead me to believe that this was going to be a good first meeting because we were already agreeable with things.

We had sat down in his office and he had handed me a piece of paper and was having me write down some things, pointers and what-not for internet marketing and things of that nature, given that’s how we had met was through a project that I am currently working on. But more importantly, he wanted me to be able to take notes during our time together and to be able to write my thoughts throughout my day to day. Already he was helping me to become better with things in my life. I’ve been told numerous times to start writing things down and I have a bad habit of not doing so, but for some reason I had decided that I had better start doing so.

We had went over my life story and what I wanted out of life with my remaining years. Something that I don’t mind discussing with others, but I’ve never really thought about it as if it were a thing that would be any different from anyone else’s. He had told me that yes, it wasn’t really any different, but that each and every one of us has a purpose that we were put here to fulfill and that I needed to find mine.

He asked me what I liked to do and I had responded with “helping people”. To which he said “everyone wants to help people”, “how will you help people”. The idea of helping people is a thing that I have considered quite a bit over the last few years and I was needing to take more efficient steps in doing so. There’s another thing that he says a lot and that’s “you cannot help anybody”. They have to want your help first, other than that you’re just offering your opinion and they’re not listening anyway.

But I had wanted his help and so I valued his opinion on what he had to say about my life. It was not at all bad, he just had me discuss my life and what the problem was with why I couldn’t find true happiness and fulfillment. We had come to the conclusion that I had a fear of committing to my ideas as I was still very unsure of myself and what my purpose was. With him seeing that my problem was committing he had me write down a couple sentences that I had to read aloud over and over to help with overcoming where I fall short in life.

We had discussed some other things and I had opened up about my troubles and he had assured me that none of them mattered, because they were all put into place to lead me here and that I was going to be able to give and receive real love after this point. A commitment to love, what a grand idea? This would be my purpose and had been my purpose all along, so now it was time to exercise it and put it to good use.

As I was leaving on the car ride with him we had discussed other things and I had already noticed my perspective had started to change and that this would be my journey from now on, my purpose. To bring love to one and all and more importantly to myself. Today is the day that I start to truly love the real me, like I was supposed to have done the whole time.

Like I said in the beginning, “life is a funny thing”.