religion of love by alex moses

Welcome To Religion Of Love

Religion of Love is your way from birth to death you should collect as much love as possible in your heart and contribute it to other hearts to the extent you can. Life reveals all its secrets only to the one whose heart is filled with unalloyed love.  Love is the breath of ‘Life’.

There is only one secret ingredient to better life, which is love:

Love Yourself
Loving thyself is the most important thing for anyone who is working towards fulfilling their dreams, goals and or plans. It creates a glow of energy that is noticeable to others upon a simple conversation or sentence.  When the body and soul are filled with love, the energy of what that person carries within himself is so high, it has no choice but to transfer into the people around him causing extraordinary things to happen.
One must love thyself first before attempting to give love out. Without self love, it is impossible to release it. 

Love What You Do
One must love what he does. When a person loves what he is doing, the potential of what he can do with it are unlimited. When people have genuine love for what they are doing. They embrace every moment being productive and maximizing opportunity to its fullest. You must love what you do in order to get the results you want.

Love Who You’re Doing It For
The synergy between people who love themselves creates such a powerful foundation within, that it is like water; formless, shapeless, yet strong in movement and unstoppable when in motion. We not only delivering a service or a product but also transferring the energy of love. The only thing relevant to the person who loves himself is to love others just as much and to lead them in the right direction to where they too can feel loved and want to give it.