Alex Moses Method

About Alex Moses Education Method.

Since Alex Moses was 14 years old he has been fascinated with the self help industry, which lead me to a fast reading course so that he could read at least a book a day. Alex would only read books that people had put no less than 10 years of research into and had real life experiences along with a great success rate before they decided to publish their books.

He spent 15 years of his life on traditional education, getting a bunch of degrees, attending every seminar he could find, learning religions, and being apart of secret religious societies and organizations.

Alex also spent time in a Zen Monastery as a monk for a while, and he also became a Christian Minister. At that point Alex realized that the next level of learning for him would be teaching, “the one who is doing the teaching is the one who’s doing the learning”. That is how he came up with the ideas of the course that can transform an average person’s life into an extraordinary one!

Alex Moses had a very successful business career, he owned dozens of various businesses. In 1998 he sold all his business for enough money to retire and  decided to dedicate his life to teaching .  After almost 10 years of teaching Alex found out; that people have no way to retain and apply information at a high enough level in order to change their life quickly.

In fact an average person can only retain 10% of the information even when they pay 100% of their attention during a class. So he had changed the way he provided the information. The course was structured in such a way that the average person would be able to replace his limiting beliefs right the way and create a long lasting change.

His method works on a deep subconscious level and changes people at the core of their psychology. Best part is; they don’t have to do a thing but have a conversation with him, yet their bad habits and limiting beliefs get replaced. His students become happier and more successful in everything they do, whether it’s relationships or business.

Three examples of how Alex’s method has helped his students:

Example 1: A middle aged women with no prior college education and  previous work experience of any kind. After her divorce she took her three children and moved across the country from an abusive husband, with only $300 in her pocket and no credit cards. When she met with Alex she couldn’t afford his services, but he made an agreement that she would pay him, whenever she can. That same women only three months later rented a house in a safe neighborhood, put two kids in school and and put an older son in UCLA. She was making a very good living, she even had found herself a boyfriend who was loving and caring, not like her previous choices in men. Three and a half months she walked in Alex’s office and put $10,000 cash on my table, and said “thank you for all you done”, then she exited the office. That was more than double   the fee for the course.

Example 2: A general manager of one of the largest 5 star hotel chains who was extremely overworked and had no ability to commit to any women or show any emotions at all. According to his girlfriend he didn’t even drop a tear at his mother’s funeral (that he very much loved and adored). Two months later after he started working with Alex, he was getting emotional as he was dropping his dog off at doggy day care. He had also proposed to his long time girlfriend and changed his career. He loves what he does for a living now, only 5 month later after starting the course he has doubled his income, while working a lot less hours.

Example 3: A girl who was raped 4 times between ages 15 to 18, by 4 different men. She had nightmares every night for almost 20 years, and had a bunch of other problems in life to deal with including a drug addiction. She came from a financially established family and was taken by her parents to meet every specialist of psychology and psychiatry that they could find. Three months after start working with Alex her nightmares stopped, she was completely free off drugs and became a financial advisor making a six-figure income and had a boyfriend she began to live with.

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