Niche Mastery Consultant

I have built and sold over a billion dollars worth of businesses in my 20 years of business consulting career and turned around over 400 struggling business to multi-million dollar organizations. Today I help consultants to pin-point and scale their Niche to 7-figures in 12 months or less.

Lets Go in Details About The Offer

We will go over not only of what has to be done, but also how to do it
Difference between What and How.
I know exactly what needs to be done in order to perform heart surgery:

Step one: Open chest cage
Step two: Clip blood vessels from bleeding
Step Three: Clean heart valves or replace them
Step Four: Attached the heart back to blood vessels
Step Five: Sew it together

Is this enough for you to hire me as your surgeon, answer is absolutely not. You would want someone who has proper education and years of experience in the industry.
That’s why I help coaches and consultants and don’t do heart surgeries. I have over 20 years of hands on experience helping people in what seems like a no way out situation. After 20 years and hundreds of clients, I’ve seen it all. I am the only coach in the industry that vested in the clients success by working with them on a performance basis instead of full payment upfront.

Do It Yourself 4 Step Niche Development Process:

First Step:
What: Discovering what your talents, skills and experiences are
How: Personality test, Skills and experience discovery, hobby and interests research

Step Two: 
What: Develop your perfect Client Avatar
How: Be specific what people who would love your service/product like

Step Three:
What: Research markets, needs and desires
How: Develop 50 case studies

Step Four:
What: Match your an amazing offer with your markets desires
How: Start building client base using organic marketing process (YouTube, LinkedIn etc...)

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