A program designed to
maximize profits and scale your business
to an accelerated impact in the market place
and prosperity for key stakeholders.



This is a proven program designed to transform your business into an efficient and fun work environment culture for employees, maximize profits, implement systems & processes for scaling and reposition the business  to be attractive to investors and clients.

We provide everything your business needs to exceed the criteria for investors and restructured it for long term success, increase retention of your quality team members and increase customer loyalty.

By the end of this 12 months program, Your Company would have implemented

The 3 pillars of Scalability

Pillar 1

Equip team players with the mindset to maintain an environment of fun productive work relationship and culture. 

This will increase the retention of quality employees and prevent them from leaving the company and wasting money and time.


Pillar 2

 Restructure the business for Profitability to prevent it leaking profits through the cracks. 

Systems and Processes will be implemented to re-position the business with innovations that save time and money in its operation.

Pillar 3

Strengthen the Business model to increase customer loyalty and become appealing to investors. 

Customers will receive efficient service and spread the word about your business. 

The requirements needed by investors will be meant and ready for the next level of development. 


Alex Moses

Alex Moses is founder and CEO of Global Angel Capital Fund, and Principal of SB Accounting. He is recognized the business world biggest secret by “Wall Street Journal”

He has spent the last 18+ years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines of dozens businesses in more than 20 industries worldwide.

Alex has identified the patterns that limit and restrict business growth and shows his clients how to create a powerful advantage over their competition by taking success concepts from different industries and adapting them for clients’ specific businesses. 

He is considered a leading expert on multiplying clients’ “Strategic Positioning” and a thought leader on the concept of “Risk Leverage” He has also been pivotal in defining the strategic business concepts of “Strategic Partnerships” and “Unique Selling Proposition.”