Myth: Successful company build on happy employees and customers, great vision and fulfillment...
Truth: Successful companies build on solid business model and well tuned sales process.

In order to make a difference that sticks, you also need solid, simple and sustainable sales practices.

There are a lot of great businesses with horrible execution...
You have a child that you don't and at same time don't want to give it away...
How accurate am I?
You do not need change - you meed an exchange... Create A Better You!

>>> What if you could implement an enjoyable sales process that can generate a predictable flow of highly qualified sales opportunities, month after month?

>>> What would your company’s revenue look like if you could grow new business sales by 40%-300% without using another unproductive sales process ever again?

An important part of growing a business, comes from creating predictable sales, and freeing yourself from constant wondering where each new customer will come from.

My purpose is to help you make money through a unique sales process, so that you can live a fulfilled life that combines money and happiness.

What you should expect when working with me:

1. What business are you really in
2. Every business - is about innovation & marketing
3. How to create world class marketing
4. Best sales people discovered and than trained
5. How to read financial instruments
6. How to make micro changes for maximum results
7. How to create raving fans
8. What is your psychology of a business

"Working with Alex has been nothing short of amazing! His methods applied to our sales organization helped us produce scalable streams of revenue. We saw at least 40+% new business growth and we had a great time doing it!”

Alex Tutorman, CEO, Worbiliy

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